Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Margaret Vicars shares her photographs (see her earlier post on 8th July)


This is me with my husband Cyril, the picture was taken at my son's wedding last year. After the puny little thing they sent home to my parents I don't think I turned out too bad!

In the above picture I think the girl sitting up in the background is Joyce Peel and Matron Downs is standing at the back on the right. The girls standing at the front left to right are:-
Brenda Brooks, myself, Barbara Waugh, not known, Margaret Richardson and Marjorie Bailey.

I look as though I can walk but I can't, I was told to hold the hand of Barbara next to me and try to lift my foot. There is a nurse crouched down in front of me ready to scoop me up when the camera man's shutter clicked.

Marjorie on the end had a very good sense of humour, when asked what her problem was she used to say "Infa type a sausages" for Infantile Paralysis.

I have a mirror over my bed which I did everything through. I got into trouble after this picture was taken for having my arm behind my head watching the camera man climb onto the roof of the building to the side of me.

Delia Shaw is next to me. I tried to retrieve her book after it dropped on the floor. Having been out of bed for the first time Nurse Davison almost had a heart attack when she saw me out of bed by myself.

Miss Field, school teacher, is unfortunately not clear to see.