Friday, 2 November 2012

Margaret Molyneux's Photographs

Margaret has offered us some scanned images showing her mother decorating wards on 24th December 1936

The one above shows a girl dressed in a skirt and other children in the beds and therefore suggests it was taken in the Girls ward. The nurse marked by a cross in both pictures is Margaret's mum, Jean Elizabeth Wright.

Here the cots suggest the decorations are being put up in the babies ward. However my memories of the wards I was a patient in leave something of a puzzle. I remember flat ceilings and wider room width and Jane has no memory of these locations either. Both of the above pictures show sloping beams and narrow rooms so where were they taken? The only sloping beamed roof I remember was the canopied area outside the big boys ward where we often spent our days and nights. Any offer of help in locating where these were taken would be gratefully appreciated.

 This last one has a reference to a "News" photographer and from this I assume that all three images, cuttings from newsprint, were taken for the Yorkshire Evening News. It looks as if Margaret's mum Jean has allocated numbers to record the names of those in the picture but that information is no longer available. As Christmas day in 1936 was a Friday I assume this was taken  on Wednesday the 23rd December. 

Our thanks go to Margaret for providing these Newspaper cuttings, I wonder if anyone out there has anything similar they would like to share with us.