Friday, 24 September 2010

Terry Swift makes the news in Castleford

Today I had a Google Alert telling of Terry Swift's stay in MHH together with a very familiar looking photo. The alert took me to The Pontefract & Castleford Express Newspaper article called Wartime Hospital Experiences where Terry tells of his time in MHH ranging from 1944 to 1947. I have since been in contact with Terry who tells me he is happy for me to add this posting. He suffered from Perthes disease and was 8 years old when he was admitted to the hospital.

His photo has an X marking his position in the group of patients, this oddly enough is the same picture we received from Robin Watson in March 2009 (see below) minus the X. Robin was not entirely sure of the photo's origin and neither is Terry but he thought it might have been taken by his grandfather, a keen photographer, nor does he remember who was responsible for the X being inked in. He was able to uncover one small mystery and that is the identity of the chap standing by the bed using crutches. He is also a patient, around 16 at the time, named Harry Batt, one of the few able to walk around. He can also recall the names of other patients, Roy Mallinson, a TB spine patient for seven years who sadly died as a child, Trevor Oldroyd, Colin Kaye (from Huddersfield) and Ronnie, Barry, Alan, Cyril and Mickey.

If your name is here or you know any of them please get in touch with us.