Monday, 29 March 2010

MHH site using Google's Street View

Jane has suggested that we add a link so that you may browse around the site of the former hospital using Google's Street View. I found attaching Google Map's page directly on to the blog complicated the Street View option so I opted for this link instead.

Google Maps link

For those of you unfamiliar with Street View follow these simple instructions:-

1. Click on and hold mouse button down onto the yellow figure on the top left.
2. Drag the yellow figure to the place you would like to view part of the scene from at street level. (note: you may only view the scene from within the blue lines appearing along the roads as you move the yellow figure around.)
3. Use the left and right arrow icons to rotate the scene and the + and - options to zoom in or out.
4. The aerial view in the bottom right corner shows the direction you are looking in, via the green pointer below the yellow man.

For those of you interested in Potternewton Special School here is another Street View image

View Larger Map