Thursday, 26 March 2009

Robin's photo of the Big Boys Ward veranda

A view from the admin block end of the verandah, looking toward the main road. At the far back can be seen the houses on the opposiite side of the road, I think they were bungalows.

To the right is the avenue of chestnut trees which was the main drive. At the far left can be seen a corner of the baby ward. It looks as though there are about ten beds on the verandah, and most of the patients appear to be in bi-lateral abduction frames (frog splints), already described previously. I am one of the patient's in that row, not sure which!! and the year is about 1946.

Oh, for perfect recall.

I don't have any ideas about the man on crutches, but he seems involved with the younger lads with what appears to be embroidery. I remember we were taught knitting, sewing, embroidery and, I think, rug making. Looking at the shadows of the beds on the verandah, I wonder whether it i san evening session with a voluntary worker, and the crutches are incidental. I would be about ten years of age at the time, so I can't identify myself - unlike the girls who look individual. Perhaps it is the 'pudding basin' haircuts we all had.

Robin Watson comments on Mr Broomhead's celebration

My name is Robin Watson and I was a patient at the MHMH, Thorpe Arch from 1941 to 1948, with T.B. hips. As I am still re-reading all of the comments and memories from other patients, I will just add a little information about the photograph posted by Fred Dubber. The person sitting on the left with a bald head and spectacles, is, I feel sure, Arthur Bernard Pain, my consultant surgeon for about ten years. I lost touch with him after he discharged me in about 1955, but I did read later, that he had been made the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Leeds University.