Monday, 7 July 2008

Replies to my letter in Yorkshire Evening News

Hello again. I'm sorry the blog has been rather silent recently - the effects of my holiday, followed by rather a lot of work, which I had to get through before yielding to the temptations of the blog. This was specially frustrating, as I got back from holiday to find a whole lot of messages on the ansaphone, letter, and emails, in reply to a letter I sent to the Yorkshire Evening Post a while before going away on holiday. I got no reply and thought they just hadn't published it. I'm still following up the letters and phone calls, with some very interesting results to be shared. What I'll do now is put one up each day, trying more or less to keep to the order in which they came, for the sake of fairness. In the meantime, thanks to Barry Blackburn, Margaret Vicars, Andrea Kerr, and Norman Proctor for contacting me, and for interesting contributions.

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