Friday, 29 August 2008

Geoff Smith comments after spotting the blog & contacting us by email

I started training as an Orthopaedic Nurse at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, as part of that training you were seconded to MHH, cant remember how long 2 or 4 months. I think only 2 or 3 groups were seconded, and then they were sent to a hospital in Sheffield. At this time (1971) it was not beneficial for nurses from a training point of view.

The staff were very friendly, and a lovely community atmosphere. The hospital had some lovely grounds, but not used. Nothing was locked up and you could go an raid the hospital fridge if you were hungry.

Gerry (Gerald Appleyard) was one of the Charge Nurses and that's how I got to know him.The Matron was called Weddall and her brother worked nights there. He used to make the porridge for breakfast. He had it cooking all through the night. He had a Ford Zephyr car and would go into Boston Spa and get us fish and chips.

Ward 3 was for older boys and Ward 4 younger ones.

Very few Orthopaedic Patients, some babies from Meanwood Hospital who had severe mental disability and stayed in cots all day, they were fed, washed. They had repeated epileptic fits and just awaited the inevitable. Most of their parents never visited.

There was a portacabin on the grass as you went into the grounds, this was

for admin staff.

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