Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Jane replies to Florence

Florence, I've contacted Carole about whether we can put such frank views up on the website, and her view is that of course we can. This is what she says:

"It's perfectly alright to put this up on the blog as it is. We have done the same with our [Craig-y-Nos] participants. It is, after all, Florence's experience and how she feels about it. That is historically acceptable and ethical. One of our ex-patients has written about being sexually abused by a ward sister whom she names and this is on the blog. The ward sister is still alive. One of our community workers - an ex-nurse herself, has attempted to make contact with her but without response so far. She hasn't sued us anyway! I wouldn't anonymise anything on a blog because the function of a blog such as yours and ours is to give a voice to the previously anonymous and to open up dialogue between others with similar experiences."

This is really helpful, and is what I personally think should happen. It also makes clear that none of us feel be inhibited about writing as we feel.

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