Friday, 23 January 2009

Mr Broomhead's celebration??

Picture courtesy of Yorkshire Post Newspapers.

The other evening I was discussing Florence's sad experiences with Mr Broomhead with my wife Andrea. She said the name rang a bell and she was sure her late mother worked, as a housekeeper, for him in the late 1940s. Further she remembered a photograph her mother had been given by him and after much hunting around the photo came to light. It was taken by the Yorkshire Post or at least has a YP stamp on its reverse but is sadly not date marked.
The photo shows a celebration of some kind taken, it is thought, in Mr Broomhead's garden at his home in Adle, Leeds. Andrea's mother is seen standing at the very left of the picture. The questions are: does anyone recognise Mr Broomhead in the picture and what was the occasion, one obviously of sufficient importance to attract the Yorkshire Post. If you can answer either question or have anything to add please contact us via the blog email address.

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