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Names of fellow patients and staff mentioned in `Judith's diaries and in the order they featured.

(I accept no responsibility for truth, accuracy or spelling - I was only small.)


Susan - must have been a good pal as features a lot. Used the pool (the only mention of the pool – was it really there then?).

Michael Reeves - off frame & onto traction Dec 62.

Charles Carter

Ian Britton - age 6, the Ian who rocked his frame? Off frame and sitting up. Might go home if he can walk (this latter 03/12/62).

Stephen Hill - age 6. His sister Diane was admitted later.



Derek Fell - his brother Peter arrived later. Derek was home by early 64. A Derek went ‘to live in Doncaster’. Was it this Derek?

Stephen Rouse

Cynthia - had her pots off. Didn’t get the caliper she was going to but went onto traction.

Elizabeth - aged 4.


Julian - had operation.

Michael Delvin - at his birthday party his mum brought lucky bags for everyone.

Joshua - arrived Sept 62?

Michael Sweeting - aged 8 when new patient. Came back for a party once home.

Mary - aged 12 when new. Pot off Dec 62. Pot back on 63. Operation 63. Came from a farming family (?) - they had hundreds of sheep at home.

David Tester.

Lesley - came back for a visit with Edward in Jan 63.


Pat - Lesley & Pat were in the paper 21/10/62. Home Dec 62.

Paul Hiskoe - walking outside Dec 62. Operation Feb 63 & home April 63 (or these could refer to a different Paul).


Mark - learning to walk Feb 63, home 63.

Ann - aged 12 when new. Operation & pot.

Graham Steel/Steele?

Tony Bennett - was still in MHH when I left.

Stephen Gelder - operation.

Steven Woods - was still in MHH when I left.

John - aged 9 when new in Jan 63. Left hospital then returned.

Raymond - new Jan 63. Home later 63.

Susie - home in April 63.

Peter Fell - Derek’s brother. On a frame.

Coralie - on frame. Aged 9 in 63.

Shirley Radcliffe/Ratcliffe - on Balkan beam. Had physio.

Joy - new in April 63. Wore a ‘collar‘.

Robert - on Balkan beam.

Jane - had physio.


Diane Hill - sister of Stephen. New May 63. On frame then off frame and onto calipers by Nov 63. Home by early 64.


Keith - new May 63. Picking conkers outside autumn 63.

Philip - home autumn 63.

Leroy Matthews - new Oct 63. Family from Jamaica. Operation. Pot off Dec 63.

Guy Grimmet - operation. Had chicken pox. Home by early 64.

Stuart - had pot.

Alan Ferry - Operation. On crutches. Home autumn 63 but back by early 64.

Neil Maclumpha (spelling!?) - had chicken pox.

Peter Hogarth - age 7 when transferred from Boys Ward in Nov 63. Operation April 64.

David - splint then walking by Dec 63.


Annette Robinson - transferred from Babies Ward. Operation. Walking pot. Pot off Jan 64. Operation April 64.


Trevor Wales - home early 64.

Joseph Blackesbourgh (spelling?) - transferred from Babies Ward aged 5. His birthday cake had a picture of the Beatles on it.

Philip (another Philip?) - operation early 64.

Karen - aged 5 when new.

Yvonne - operation Jan 64. Home April 64.

Jeanette - new April 64.

Diane Burrows - was still in MHH when I left.

Linda - knitted a carpet for the Dolls House on Babies Ward.

MHH Staff

Sister Gough - nicked my ear when she cut my hair!

Sister Lodge.

Mrs Cooper - teacher.

Mrs Western - head teacher.

Miss Lupton - no idea who she was but she went on holiday to Hong Kong in July 62.

Father Walker - gave out palm crosses on Palm Sunday.

Mrs Johnson - put the shades up and down.

Mr Johnson - swept up the leaves.

Mr Dennis - took all the wheels off the lockers.

Mr Williams - measured me in Feb 64 (must have been for calipers?).

Mrs Parker - was ‘back on our ward’.

Nurses - Hickling, Newton, Hanson, Bose (her brother was one of the firemen who came to see us), Shepherd, Row, Lash, Hemsworth, Welner and Warden.

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