Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas Present

Around this time last year Jane added a post wishing everyone Seasonal greetings so I guess this time it is my turn. But first a confession, Jane added a photo of Father Christmas which I had offered to her for the blog but it was not a photo taken of the real Father Christmas. It was in fact my neighbour, a local artist, who was kind enough to add beard, red suit and a significant amount of padding to entertain the children at our village primary school. I took his photo en route (but not really passing the reindeer). This year he has very kindly made an appropriate contribution of his own to add to our blog in the form of the above seasonal painting.

Since adding a counter to the blog last February we have had over 13000 hits which gives us something of a warm feeling, knowing that so many of you are taking an interest. We haven't had much to add in the last couple of months but then we had a similar lull this time last year. So if you have anything to tell us about your MHH experiences we would love to hear from you, perhaps after you have got over the coming festivities.

But for now a very happy Christmas and very healthy and perhaps wealthy new year wishes too you all.

PS If you would like to see more of Eugene Conway's work visit his web site at My apologies for the shameless advertising!

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