Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Robin Watson (1941-48) - contemporary with Vera, acknowledges his debt to MH nurses like her

How amazing to hear from a member of staff who was at MH in the early 1940s. I was there at the same time as Vera, but being about 6 years old, don't remember Vera or any of the other staff. However, I would like to reassure her that because of the dedication and affection she and her friends showed, in those dark days, this is one patient who went on to have a good and successful life. At the age of 74 and after 7 years of incarceration in MH, she and her colleagues helped myself and many others, to survive. In fact, the girls must have influenced me in later life, because I married a nurse!! Many thanks Vera. Robin Watson ( MH 1941-1948)

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